About Me

Providing solutions that people rely on.

I am an SRE/DevOps who likes building cloud infrastructure and service platforms based on Linux and Open Source software. I always worked in both development and system administration, well before we started calling this as “DevOps”, to me they are just two sides of the same coin.

In over than thirty years working in Information Technology, I helped many companies in their process of digital transformation, either small business that needed everything from the ground up and big enterprises with their challenge to move their apps and infrastructure to the cloud.

Currently, I am leading (tech) the Automation team for EJIE, the Basque Government IT Society, a major Versia’s client. Our goal is to automate infrastructure operations, so we can improve the process control and increase the reliability by reducing the number of tasks that need human assistance.

As side project, I built and I am running my own cloud at https://dpdcloud.it/ with the future goal to help businesses to get started their projects on a cloud environment.

Finally, if you are wondering where I am from, I consider myself an European citizen, as I lived across three countries, of course Italy where I was born, then I lived many years in Ireland and currently I’m based in Spain since 2004.

If you need to get in touch with me, you can send me a message via LinkedIn or reach me on social media, check the list on my Linktree page.

Hobbies & Interests

I had and still have many interests in my life, I write here the most relevant ones.

Programming is my passion since I was 14 years old, I still love it and currently my favorite language is Go.

Also, I always liked to understand how Operating Systems work, in the mid 90s I installed my first Linux distro, a Slackware, few year later I made my own distro from scratch called Roverex, nowadays I use elementaryOS.

I practiced martial arts since I was kid, but I really improved my skills when I was a teenager and I met my Viet Vo Dao Master. Later on, my passion for IT was stronger and brought me around the world, so I stopped learning.

Music, I can’t live without it, when I was student it helped me to pass exams, now it helps me to write code. Like many teenagers I wanted to play some instruments, I tried guitar then the drums, too difficult, it was easier working on a PC.

Drumming, yep! After many year I give it another try, it still difficult but I don’t care now I just enjoy the journey.