Quanta Plus documentation is missing

Read this article if you want the Quanta Plus documentation on the sidebar

I like to use Quanta Plus to develop websites or writing PHP application.

One of the feature that I like the most is the documentation sidebar but unfortunately is not working on the last Ubuntu/Kubuntu distribution, there is something wrong in the packaging that leave broken links around.

A bug as been already reported at


but while we are waiting for the new packages we can install the documentation manually. Here's how I did it.

First of all we need to download the documentation from the Quanta Plus download page.

Here's the files that we need, download them in a convenient place, for simplicity I supposed they are at /tmp directory

  • html.tar.bz2
  • php-quanta-doc-20051114.tar.bz2
  • css.tar.bz2
  • mysql5-quanta-doc-20051117.tar.bz2

Now open a terminal windows and login as root user, I usually do this with the command:

$ sudo su - 

Change to the Quanta Plus documentation directory

 # cd /usr/share/apps/quanta/doc

With a ls -l command you should see the following broken links:

  • css -> ../../../doc/wdg-html-reference/reference/css
  • docbook -> ../../../doc/docbook-defguide/html
  • html -> ../../../doc/wdg-html-reference/reference/html40
  • php -> ../../../doc/php-doc/html

You can just delete or rename them, as you prefer, the important is that they shouldn't be here.

Change to /tmp directory, untar the downloaded files and run install.sh script, again for simplicity I just show you one package, for the others you can do it in the same way.

 # cd /tmp
# tar -xvjf html.tar.bz2
# cd html
# ./install.sh

Last check to see if package was install properly

# ls /usr/share/apps/quanta/doc

Now open Quanta Plus and you should be able to read the documetation.