About Me

CEO of K-Gigas Computers, Linux system administrator and web hosting consultant. Providing solutions people rely on.

I am an Italian Systems Engineer who lived for many years in Ireland and currently based in Spain since 2004. My career as an IT guy started in the late 80’s, so I’ve been around for a while.

I am specialized in the Linux System Administration and Web Hosting applications based on open source tools and open standards. In the year 2004 I founded K-Gigas Computers, an IT services provider based in Cantabria, Northern Spain.

Thanks to Pierpaolo Anselmetti I started using Linux in the mid 90’s with all three main distributions present at time, Slackware, Red Hat and Debian. Since then I dedicated my free time to do Open Source evangelization, by organizing training and speeches, to let people aware about FOSS in general and Linux in particular.

As CEO of K-Gigas Computers I always have pushed the company to provide open source solutions to our customers and to sell Linux pre-installed PCs and Servers. Now that we are in the "Cloud" era, we provide cloud services built on our OpenStack private cloud.

I'm also involved in the Plone community as maintainer of Plone.es, the oficial site for the Spanish speaking Plone community.