Linux Package Management Cheatsheet


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APT, Yum and Zypper Package Management Tools Cheasheet

Managing Packages

Task apt (deb) yum (rpm) zypper (rpm)
Install from repository apt-get install pkg-name yum install pkg-name zypper install pkg-name
Update package apt-get install pkg-name yum update pkg-name zypper update -t package pkg-name
Remove package apt-get remove pkg-name yum erase pkg-name zypper remove pkg-name
Install from package file dpkg -i pkg-name yum localinstall pkg-name zypper install pkg-name

Searching Packages

Task apt (deb) yum (rpm) zypper (rpm)
Search by package name apt-cache search pkg-name yum list pkg-name zypper search pkg-name
Search by pattern apt-cache search pattern yum search pattern zypper search -t pattern pattern
Search by file name apt-file search path yum provides file zypper wp file
List installed packages dpkg -l rpm -qa zypper search -is
Show package information apt-cache show pgk-name yum info pkg-name zypper info pkg-name

Updating System

Task apt (deb) yum (rpm) zypper (rpm)
Update package list apt-get update yum check-update zypper refresh
Update system apt-get upgrade yum update zypper update

Software Repositories

Task apt (deb) yum (rpm) zypper (rpm)
List repositories cat /etc/apt/sources.list yum repolist zypper repos
Add repository edit /etc/apt/sources.list add to /etc/yum.repos.d/ zypper addrepo URI name
Remove repository edit /etc/apt/sources.list remove from /etc/yum.repos.d/ zypper removerepo name