New Ubuntu version 7.10


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New interesting features of Ubuntu Ubuntu, Gutsy Gibbon 7.10

Last week the new Ubuntu Ubuntu, Gutsy Gibbon 7.10 went out.

There are some new interesting features:

  • Gnome 2.20
  • 3D Desktop, Compiz Fusion is enabled by default but I think it needs a good graphic card
  • Desktop Search, a deskbar applet is now included in the default configuration. It allows quick access to your common actions, including opening web bookmarks and searches, sending messages to your contacts, and more
  • A wizard to install Firefox's plugins
  • … and a lot more

Today somebody told me that Linux it's difficult and is good only for programmers. I replied that this is not true anymore, I saw a demo of what you can do with the 3D desktop that definitely we can say that Linux is good for anyone.

So I suggest you download the CD so you'll check it out yourself.